flagrant foul

flagrant foul
<07> жёсткий фол за который даётся более строгое наказание

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  • Flagrant foul — A flagrant foul is a serious contact foul involving unnecessary and/or excessive and/or intentional contact in sport. There is a specific National Basketball Association foul termed a flagrant foul. NBA flagrant foulsIn basketball, a personal… …   Wikipedia

  • Foul — may refer to:*Foul (sports), an unfair or illegal sports act, including: **Foul (football), in football (soccer), an unfair act by a player as deemed by the referee **Professional foul, in football (soccer) or rugby, a deliberate act of foul play …   Wikipedia

  • Foul (sports) — In sports, a foul is an inappropriate or unfair act by a player as deemed by a referee. A foul may be intentional or accidental, and often results in a penalty.Individual sports may have different types of fouls. For example, in basketball, a… …   Wikipedia

  • flagrant — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) adj. glaring, notorious, outrageous, shocking. See badness. II (Roget s IV) modif. Syn. glaring, egregious, blatant, notorious; see obvious 1 , outrageous . See Synonym Study at outrageous . III (Roget s …   English dictionary for students

  • foul — {{Roman}}I.{{/Roman}} noun ADJECTIVE ▪ blatant (esp. BrE), clear (BrE), deliberate, flagrant (AmE), nasty (esp. BrE) ▪ hard, offensive, personal …   Collocations dictionary

  • flagrant — blatant, flagrant 1. Blatant was, invented late in the 16c by the poet Spenser as an epithet of a thousand tongued monster in The Faerie Queene. It now means ‘glaringly conspicuous’, and overlaps in meaning with flagrant but has rather less of… …   Modern English usage

  • foul — Synonyms and related words: Fescennine, Rabelaisian, abase, abeyant, abhorrent, abject, abominable, abuse, abusive, adulterate, adulterated, adverse, affronting, afoul, amoral, angry, apathetic, arrant, asperse, atrocious, awful, bad, bad for,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • flagrant — adj. Flagrant is used with these nouns: ↑abuse, ↑breach, ↑disregard, ↑example, ↑foul, ↑violation …   Collocations dictionary

  • flagrant — Synonyms and related words: abject, ablaze, abominable, absolute, afire, aflame, aflicker, aglow, alight, ardent, arrant, atrocious, audacious, awful, bad, barefaced, base, beastly, beggarly, beneath contempt, black, blamable, blameworthy,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • Technical foul — In basketball, a technical foul (also known as a T or a Tech ) is any infraction of the rules penalized as a foul which does not involve physical contact during the course of play between players on the court, or is a foul by a non player. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Personal foul — In basketball, a personal foul is a breach of the rules that concerns illegal personal contact with an opponent. It is the most common type of foul in basketball. Due to the nature of the game, personal fouls occur on occasions and are not always …   Wikipedia

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